As a software developer, I always strive to streamline my workflow and maximize the tools at my disposal. One of the challenges I faced was synchronizing my Macs with various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and editors I used for different projects, especially all the snippets I have been collecting for the last 10 years.

Mainly I use Xcode, Android Studio, and VS Code. VSCode for Laravel or Django, most of the time.

I always used two different Macs one for home and one for when I’m away. When I travel I always use my Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro when not traveling. Whenever I open my other Mac I always have the latest code snippets and configuration files.

Here are a few tips to sync different tools between your Macs using iCloud. I don’t use any other file-sharing stuff on my Mac.

Change {USERNAME} with your username.

Sync AndroidStudio

ln -s /Users/{USERNAME}/Desktop/android/AndroidStudio/AndroidStudio2023.2 /Users/{USERNAME}/Library/Application\ Support/Google

Sync Xcode

ln -s /Users/{USERNAME}/Desktop/Xcode/UserData /Users/{USERNAME}/Library/Developer/Xcode/

DBeaver Community Edition

ln -s /Users/{USERNAME}/Desktop/mysql/General /Users/{USERNAME}/Library/DBeaverData/workspace6/

Bookmark this page for the future I might sync more stuff in my Macs.

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